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Kounsernag (Amazing natures ceation)

Kounsernag (amazing natures ceation)

Kounsernag: The triangular mountain peaks of Pir Panchal range to the south of the kashmir valley above the Kounsernag are usually named as ‘Kounserin Kothera’ -rooms of Kounsar, by the people living in the adjacent and surrounding areas. These glorious peaks remain under snow throughout the year. The glaciers also serve as the source to

Tirthan river

Tirthan River  H.P.

Tirthan river : Pure water of tirthan river near by Great Himalayan National Park, Himachal Pradesh Photo By: Ankit Sharma, DIBNS, Dehradun

Indian Star Tortoise

Indian Star Tortoise

Indian Star Tortoise : Indian star tortoise or Geochelone elegans is occour in semi-arid, thorny, grassland, dry areas and scrub forest of India and Sri Lanka. This species is quite popular in the exotic pet trade. A large number of specimens of this species are found in the illegal wildlife trade in India. Photo By: Javed

Indian Chital or Cheetal or Axis deer

Indian Chital

Indian Chital or Cheetal or Axis deer. Photo By : Ankit Sharma form DIBNS, Dehradun.

Indian Vulture (Gyps indicus)

Gyps indicus

Indian Vulture (Gyps indicus) Photo By: Javed Idrish from Dehradun

Yellow Lizard

Yellow Lizard

Indian Yellow Lizard Photo By: Javed Idrish from Dehradun  

Himalayan Goral

Himalayan Goral or Ghural

Himalayan Goral (Naemorhedus goral) : This is a goat like animal that can be found in mountainous from Western Himalaya to Arunachal Pradesh,Nagaland, Manipur and Mizoram .The grayish brown coat develops thick, shaggy wool in winter.

Migratory Birds at Asan Barrage Uttarakhand: Greylag Goose

Greylag Goose

Migratory Birds at Asan Barrage Uttarakhand: Greylag Goose is the largest and bulkiest of the wild geese native to the UK and Europe. Largest numbers of recoveries are from Greylag Geese ringed in Denmark, Britain and Sweden. In November, the Greylag Goose from areas north of the Caspian Sea and in western Siberia move south to

Winter line

Winter Line

The Winter line Photographed By: Mr. Raghav Upadhya, Dehradun

Spotted Owlet (Athene brama)

Spotted Owlet

The Spotted Owlet (Athene brama) Photographed By: Dr. M. K. Chakraborty, Dehradun