The Science of Healthcare

When you think about science most people don’t consider healthcare as being a science in and of itself. Healthcare is the science of the study of the human body and how to make it function as best as possible. When studying the science of healthcare you need to remember that the information is constantly changing. We as a species are constantly making new discoveries and finding out how to treat the human body better. As a healthcare provider myself I have a deep understanding of how healthcare is a true science. From experiments using the scientific method, to new research being conducted on a daily basis, we have moved the science of healthcare faster than at any time in history.

If you’re interested in becoming a doctor or nurse there are hundreds of schools and universities that can help you accomplish this goal. The best advice is to try and take an educational program that is as cheap as possible. Doctor’s often leave school with large student loans that are difficult to pay even on a doctor’s salary. Many have stopped entering medicine because it is not as profitable as it used to be. There is a large opportunity cost when you are studying rather than making money. As a doctor you will often be studying for ten years beyond the average individual. A well trained contractor can often be well set into their own business by the time a doctor even graduates.

My advice is to always do what will help you build financial stability and still pursue your dreams and passions. Having a job or career that gives you lots of time off will best serve you. Healthcare careers generally do not provide this level of flexibility with your personal schedule. This is why those who pursue medicine as a career need to do it because it is their passion. The science of healthcare never seems to sleep. It is always demanding of your time and emotions.

There are other types of sciences that work more on a regular schedule. If your passion is science you still should schedule time for your daily activities and a personal life. Take science seriously but remember that there is more to life.